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Why ZenjoHost

The best server SMTP with privacy.
There are very important reasons for using a professional SMTP server: in the past (before the spam era), sending emails was not problematical, whereas nowadays it is extremely important to follow the regulations of all email servers in order to avoid messages ending up in spam folders or even being deleted by email servers. Different email servers treat emails in different ways, according to the reputability of SMTP servers, white-lists and black-lists. SMTP servers provided by standard ISPs (Internet turbo Provider – DSL internet connection) are not always reliable: they use random IP addresses and occasionally one or more of these IPs are blacklisted, which can cause you problems when sending emails. The worst thing is that you will not be aware of these problems: you will simply send emails and you will do not know whether or not they arrive.
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Improve email delivery

We actively seek to get our servers whitelisted by major email providers and strictly follow the Email senders’ best practices and guidelines.

Send email from anywhere, anytime

You set your SMTP settings one time only, in your email client or mailing program, and you’ll never need to change them again. Anytime you’re connected to the Internet, from your laptop, iPhone or PC, you’ll be ready to send email, from any of your email addresses, regardless of your Internet connection or current location.

Bypass ISP restrictions

Avoid all of those usage limits that ISPs put on their outgoing mail services. Nowadays, in order to prevent ‘spamming’, ISPs are forced to employ aggressive anti-spam filters that may refuse to send your messages or even block them, legitimate sender or not. By choosing Zenjo Host, you will enjoy higher rates of deliverability and improve your rates of inbox placement.

We help people own their digital presence.

The best SMTP features you need in one convenient place.

High-speed delivery

Standard SMTP servers tend to get overloaded, causing frequent delays and/or errors in email delivery. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to deliver your emails quickly and reliably, guaranteeing the same level of dependable professional service, always.


If your server is not considered reputable, almost all standard email servers will delay your messages and at best they will be sent to a grey-list or the spam folder, and at worst the server will reject them. If you value your emails, we strongly suggest you to use Zenjo Host in order to be recognised as reputable by all email servers and to boost your email deliverability.

Keep track of your emails

Check out the real-time charting and delivery statistics available in your account management area. Our email tracking system will show you what messages have been successfully delivered and, further, let you know exactly why an email has not reached its destination.

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